Braemar, Scotland

(Above image shows the centre of Braemar.)

This evening, I am posting information on Braemar, a village in the Grampian mountains of Scotland which is situated at an altitude of 1112 feet and 56 miles W of Aberdeen.

More information on Braemar:
  • Population 808.
  • Name is relatively young by Sottish standards and means 'uplands of Mar'. 
  • Average temperature 6.8C/44F.
  • Holds record of lowest ever U.K. temperature: minus 27.2C/17F.
  • Located ten miles S.W. of Balmoral, a popular castle owned by the British royal family.
  • Close to the River Dee and associated scenery.
  • Home to Braemar Castle which dates from 1628.
  • Ten miles north of the Glenshee Ski Centre.
  • Venue for the largest and most prestigious Highland Games in Scotland which is known as the Braemar Gathering. This event is held on the first Saturday of September and is patronised by the British royal family.
  • Well endowed with shops and accommodation.
Glenshee Ski Centre

Balmoral Castle

Clunie Water, a stream which flows through the centre of Braemar.

Local scenery with River Dee

Braemar Castle

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