Reconstructed Roman Villa

This evening, I am reporting on my visit earlier today to a meticulously reconstructed Roman Villa in Somerset, England.


Funding for the project was provided by a South African billionaire.

Specific features of the reconstruction project which is known as 'Villa Ventorum':

  • Employed hundreds of architects, builders, archaelogists, mosaic makers, fresco painters and experts on ancient plumbing.
  • The new build was built close to the remains of the original villa which dates from AD351.
  • Incorporates the only working hypocaust system in Europe to create authentic Roman underfloor heating. Thne system also provides heating for the internal baths.
  • Designed to appear to visitors as though still in use.
  • Mosaics and frescoes have been made below the top standards of the time (e.g. Chedworth) to reflect the social rank of the resident family.
  • Incorporates a Roman 'fast food bar' allong the lines of that found in Pompeii.

(Core of above information sourced from the Times newspaper.)

An extensive vineyard has been planted close to the villa although I am not aware that the Romans were engaged in viticulture in Britain.

Images and video clip provided herein speak for themselves. 

View of Villa complex

 Interior room

Garden. The Romans were instrumental in introducing vegetable growing to Britain.

 Interior room



Internal baths

Weaving loom


Roman fast food bar

Internal furnishings.

Internal decoration

Ceiling decoration

Video clip of interior


Overall, this is an excellent reproduction affording the most detailed insight into a high status Roman Villa of the 4th century.




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