Fort Augustus, a popular visitor site on southern tip of Loch Ness

Loch Ness from flight of locks at Fort Augustus, Scottish Highlands

This evening, I am posting information on Fort Augustus, a busy tourist village on the southern tip of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

Summary information on Fort Augustus as follows:-
  • Population about 650 persons.
  • Distance, about 160 miles from Edinburgh and 35 miles from Inverness entailing journey times of 3.5 hours and 1 hour respectively.
  • Well endowed with hotels and other accommodation plus shops, restaurants and visitor attractions.
  • From here visitors can avail of boat trips on Loch Ness.
  • Home to an impressive flight of five locks on the Caledonian Canal. Latter dates from 1822 and is now primarily used by pleasure boats.
  • Closely linked with the 18th century Jacobite uprising in that (a) the village was renamed Fort Augustus (after Prince William Augustus, third son of King George II) consequent upon construction of a British military (redcoat) fort in 1742 and (b) the same Prince William ( Duke of Cumberland) was head of the army which defeated Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden in 1746, about 40 miles to the north.
  • Usually encountered by travellers on way between Inverness and southern Scotland. A good refuelling stop, for both people and vehicles.

Flight of locks at Fort Augustus, Scotland

Video clip of boats passing though flight of locks.


Southern tip of Loch Ness at Fort Augustus, Scottish Highlands

Loch Ness cruise boat entering Caledonian Canal at Fort Augustus.

Fast tour boats leaving Fort Augustus for trip along Loch Ness.


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