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Outlander film studios

Outlander Film Studios

This afternoon, I am posting a selection of library images (taken during winter time) of Cumbernauld and environs.

Cumbernauld is a post 1950s 'new town' close to Glasgow with population of 50,000. The town has won a number of awards including Beautiful Scotland’s Small City. The name Cumbernauld is derived from the Gaelic comar nan allt meaning ‘meeting of the waters’.

Like a number of towns and villages between Glasgow and Edinburgh,Cumbernauld evolved from a second century AD fort on the Roman Antonine Wall. There remain many vestiges of the Roman presence in the region.

Portfolio of Images

Airport (light aircraft and helicopters)

Cumbernauld Airport

Old Burial Ground

Cumbernauld Burial Ground

Shopping Centre

Cumbernauld Architecture

Coffee Bar inside shopping centre

Cumbernauld Architecture

Architecture: Bridge

Cumbernauld Architecture

Roman era distance slab recording construction of a section of the second century, Antonine Wall.

Distance Slab, Antonine Wall

Museum interior

Cumbernauld Museum

Trees in winter sunshine on Antonine Wall

Trees in Winter Sunshinep


Cumbernauld Architecture


Cumbernauld Architecture

Section of Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall, Scotland

Victorian station clock

Victorian Station Clock

Land Riggs (Allotments)

Lang Riggs, Cumbernauld

Bell Tower

Bell Tower

Cumbernauld House

Cumbernauld House

Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre

More Information

For more information on Scotland please refer to the Visitors’ Guide to Scotland, ISBN 978-1-9161332-0-4. This is also available via Kindle.


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