Hike Dams to Darnley

This morning, we joined a large hiking group which covered a gentle four mile route known as 'Dams to Darnley' in south Glasgow.

The route traversed a patchwork of landscapes including the Barrhead dams, Waulkmill Glen woodland and Darnley Mill, with its mosaic of grassland and wetland habitats. The country park is important for its wildlife and it also has a rich history.

Weather today was mild (for time of year) with temperature around 8C/46F.Being winter,the sun was at a low angle but the day remained dry.

The region is now mainly comprised of reservoirs but in the early industrial period (18th century) there was extensive bleaching activity in the area focused on wool linen and cotton.

In course of the hike we encountered an unusual fungi, swans, a heron, landscape views of Glasgow and what may be a 'Clootie Tree'.

The hike took about two hours after which some of the group availed of lunch at a nearby restaurant.

 Fungi-Phellinus conchatus

Ruined industrial building, possibly connected with bleaching.



Colourful Railway Bridge

Hiking Group


Clootie Tree


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