Callanish Prehistoric Stones

This evening, I am posting information on one of the most prominent stone circles in the British Isles, namely Callanish on the Isle of Lewis which lies off Scotland's West Coast.

The circle, which may actually be an elipse, dates from around 2200 BC. Diameter is 37ft 4ins and the site is located on a ridge overlooking the waters of Loch Roag.

The 15ft 9ins high 'central' stone is almost 3ft west of the true centre.

The Callanish site is embellished with:
  • A 273 ft long avenue leading from the NNE comprising 19 thin, graceful stones out of an original 39.The central line of the avenue is aligned to the setting of the southern moon.
  • Three short rows of stones to the ENE, south and WSW which are astronomically significant.
  • A tiny, chambered tomb only 21ft across which was squeezed in between the central pillar and the eastern stones.Inside have been found cremated bone and pottery sherds which may date to around 1700BC. 
Certain anomalies in the architecture of the entire site suggest a possibility that the complex was abandoned before completion.

There are three other stone circles in the vicinity of Callanish stones described above.

Callanish is located 13  miles west of Stornoway, the principal town on Isle of Lewis.

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