Climb Ben Lomond, Scotland

(Above image is a view south from near the summit with Loch Lomond to the right.)
Yesterday, I took advantage of favourable weather and light conditions to climb Ben Lomond which sits on the eastern side of Loch Lomond.

To date we have experienced an ultra-mild winter in S.W.Scotland although we did experience a few flakes of snow today and temperature is around freezing. Apparently, we can now look forward to about one month of conventional winter weather.

The trip up the mountain allowed me to connect with snow for the first time this season although, as will be evident form images, such was little more than a dusting at the summit. However, most of the water on the mountain was frozen with temperature below freezing, although at a comfortable level.Surprisingly, there was negligible wind which helped provide an eerie quietness as, at the higher levels, human generated noise from traffic, airplanes, etc., could not be heard.

The round trip took most of the day with chief obstacle being the defined hiking trail which, for at least half of the distance, was little more than a block of ice thereby forcing climbers on to the adjacent grass tussocks.

I was pleasantly surprised to see no evidence of litter, plastic, etc.

Facts and figures:

  • The 'base camp' for Bel Lomond is located at Rowardennan, about 30 miles N.W. of Glasgow.
  • The name translates as 'Beacon Mountain'.
  • Height: 3196 feet.
  • The mountain is comprised of mica schist, quartzite, granite and diomite.
  • Located on watershed separating river systems of west and east Scotland.
  • At the higher elevations Ben Lomond supports an alpine tundra ecozone.
Click on selected images to enlarge same.

 Loch Lomond-south from near summit.

 Frozen rivulet

 View east from summit, of Arrochar Alps.

View S.E. from summit. The lake in middle distance may be Loch Chon

 Frozen rivulet

 View south-of Loch Lomond

On way to summit

Hiking trail up Ben Lomond

 Northern end of Loch Lomond


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