Hike Culzean Country Park

(Above image shows evening beach scene at Maidens.)

My blog tonight reports on our participation in today's large group hike around Maidens and Culzean Country Park in Ayrshire, S.W. Scotland which is close to the Trump Turnberry golf resort.

Weather was dry and a few degrees above freezing. We have yet to experience winter proper this season.

The route covered about 5 miles in course of which we encountered:
  • Flora: Purple flowers of Periwinkle, yellow gorse flowers and very early snowdrops in bloom.
  • Sandy beaches.
  • Ailsa Craig, an ancient volcano which supplies the material for Scotland's curling stones.
  • Bird life: Swans, cormorants and chaffinches.
  • Camelids: A Llama and related animals from S. America.
  • Fungi.
  • Sub-tropical plants (notwithstanding we are on same latitude as parts of Canada!)
  • Culzean Castle: An 18th century masterpiece built for the local Kennedy family.
  • Horse riders.
Purple flowers of Periwinkle at Maidens Beach

Gorse in bloom at Maidens Beach

 Ailsa Craig ( Weather tip: If you can see the rock it is going to rain; if the rock is not visible it is raining!)

Family group of swans

Hiking group approaching Culzean Castle

Early snowdrops

Culzean Castle



Sub-tropical vegetation at Culzean Castle

Reeds in winter

Cormorants on freshwater lake

Bracket fungi

Horse rider at Maidens beach


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