Loch Lomond, Scotland

(Images above were taken at sunrise at Balmaha)

At this time of year daylight in Scotland is limited. Today, sunrise was at 8.45 am and sunset 3.56 pm. However, because of our latitude the sun, when it shines, provides light at a sharp angle which, in certain conditions, can provide stunning landscapes. Mindful of this feature and the sunshine predicted for today I took off early this morning and drive one hour N.W. to Balmaha on the western side of Loch Lomond with intention to climb the 1175 ft high Conic Hill and thus avail of the views and photo opportunities.

On arrival at Balmaha I took the opportunity for a couple of superb sunrise shots, as shown above.

As I proceeded to climb Conic Hill the veracity if the sunlight subsided due to cloud cover but, nevertheless, the weather stayed dry and there was no windchill notwithstanding temperature around minus 4 C/ 25 F.

From Conic Hill viewpoints the visibility remained adequate. Herein are images of the southern section of Loch Lomond and western landscapes.

Loch Lomond is about 23 miles in length and vies with Loch Ness as the largest freshwater loch (lake) in Scotland. Loch Lomond was created at the end of the last ice age, about 10,000 years ago.

For those with an interest in geology, Conic Hill and the nearby Inchcailloch island mark the Highland-Lowland boundary fault the line of which follows an intrusion of serpentine, a very base rich material derived from great depths in the earth's crust. The 'Highland Line' has played an important part in Scotland's historical and cultural development.

Upon my return to Balmaha,, at end of my day's exertions, I called in at the Oak Tree Inn for refreshment in front of a warming open fire.
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Here is video clip of Conic Hill and surrounding landscape.

 View west showing line of Highland-Lowland fault with Inchcailloch island in middle distance.

 View of Conic Hill

 View west from Conic Hill

Climbing trail up Conic Hill.

Loch Lomond-South

Open fire at Oak Tree Inn, Balmaha.

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