Busby Glen in Winter

(Image above shoes railway viaduct traversing the White Cart Water.)

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Weather conditions today were identical to yesterday, combining low angle winter sun, blue sky, negligible wind and temperature a degree or so below zero (centigrade), Coupled with light snow ground covering the conditions were ideal for winter photography so I took off to nearby Busby Glen which is about ten miles directly south of Glasgow city in the west of Scotland.

Glen is a Scottish word for valley. In parts the Busby Glen is actually a steep sided gorge which I suspect was carved out at time of the sudden melt which occurred when the last Ice Age ended about 10,000 years ago.

A river named the White Cart Water flows through the glen. During the early industrial period (late 18th/early 19th century) the White Cart powered many mills along its course. Busby was developed as a manufacturing center with water powered mills and bleach fields associated with the textile industry.The remains of the industrial buildings can still be seen in places.

Conditions in the glen were ideal for photography with the experience heightened by crunchy ground underfoot, light covering of snow and clean air.


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