Glasgow, Scotland in Winter

(Image above captures Glasgow in the foreground against backdrop of Campsie Fells with latter benefiting from a dusting of snow on summit.)

This morning, I took advantage of an unusual combination of weather conditions comprising bright blue cloudless sky, low angle sunlight and freezing conditions (a few degrees below zero centigrade) to undertake a photography session with emphasis on landscape shots of Glasgow city set against a backdrop of the Campsie Fells (hills) which form a backdrop to the north.

Unfortunately, the sheer intensity of the light conditions coupled with just a dusting of snow on the Campsie Fells produced images which fell slightly short of my expectations but, nevertheless, outcomes were 'good enough'.

Remember to click on the images to enlarge same.

Icicles formed on overflowing cattle trough.

A rural view from the south. Snow capped hills in the distance (far left) are probably the Kilpatrick Hills.

Glasgow and Campsie Fells in distance

Glasgow and Campsie Fells in distance

Frost covered hedge


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