Inveraray, Argyll, Scotland

Thus evening, I am posting information on the small town of Inveraray which is located in the region of Argyll, West of Scotland.

Inveraray is about 64 miles N.W. of Glasgow on the western bank of Loch Fyne which is sea loch some 40 miles long and famous for oysters and other sea food.

Boats moored at Inveraray

Facts and information on Inveraray:
  • The inver element of the name is of Gaelic origin and very common in Scotland.It means a creek or river mouth although in this case precisely which river is etymologically obscure.
  • Population is about 600 persons.
  • Key attraction is Inveraray Castle which in fact is a grand house dating from the 18th century and which replaced an outdated medieval castle.
  • Inveraray Castle is the seat of the Chief of Clan Campbell who is also a senior ranking aristocrat with title Duke of Argyll.The Castle is open to visitors during the tourist season.
  • The town is unusual (for Scotland) in that it was pre-planned and built as a single project using the same architectural style, which in Britain is called 'Georgian' after the King at the time. Construction of the town was contemporary with the castle re-build and, by the standards of the day, would have provided relatively high quality accommodation for the local populace.
  • Just 6 miles south of Inveraray can be found Auchindrain township, now a museum, which illustrates how communities in the Highlands lived and survived before the clearances (mass expulsions) of the late 17th and 18th centuries.
  • For visitors interested in gardens a visit to Crarae, 11 miles to the south of Inveraray should prove rewarding. Crarae is a tranquil place with Himalayan plants and tumbling waterfalls.There is even a Neolithic era (about 5000 years old) stone tomb within the grounds.
  • Inveraray is popular with coach tours and other day visitors. 
  • The town is home to hotels and other lodging plus various tourist shops.
Landscape view of Loch Fyne

Neolithic tomb at Crarae

Aspect of Crarae Garden

Example of building at Auchindrain Township
Road bridge on main access road to Inveraray

Loch Fyne (north) from Inveraray

Original main entrance to Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle

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