Isle of Mull, Scotland

(Image above shows a Highland Cow on the roadside.)

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This evening, I am posting information on the Isle of Mull which forms part of the Inner Hebrides situated off the west coast of Scotland. Mull lies opposite the port of Oban on the mainland.

Mull has a population of 2700 persons, an area of 338 square miles with tourism the main economic activity supported by farming, fishing and forestry. The island acts as a transit point to reach the 'holy island' of Iona.

More information on Mull:
  • The name probably means 'lofty' or 'high' reflecting the nature of the landscape.
  • Gaelic speakers may total less than 15 pct of the population.
  • The island has been occupied since the end of the last Ice Age with evidence of peoples from the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages.
  • Gaelic speakers from Ireland arrived in the 6th century AD followed by Norwegian Vikings about 300 years later.From the 12th-15th centuries Mull was part of the MacDonald dominated 'Kingdom of the Isles', a semi-autonomous fiefdom before ultimately  submitting to the Scottish Crown.
  • Today, the MacLeans are an important clan on the island with Duart Castle as the seat of the clan chief.
  • The overwhelming majority of visitors travel via the regular ferry service operating between Craignure (on the island) and Oban on the mainland. There is a landing strip for light aircraft on the east side of the island.
  • A circular motor tour of the island (excluding a trip to Iona) can be undertaken within one day. Subject to the right weather conditions, such a tour can prove very rewarding although roads on the west side are mainly single track and slow going.
  • For persons interested in wildlife Mull is well known for its Eagles to view which guided tours are available.
  • The principal town is Tobermory at the N.E.. of the island. Pastel coloured properties along the harbour front enhance the attractiveness of the town.
  • A wide range of lodgings is available although pre-booking is recommended, especially during the peak summer months.
Mull and Iona Pipe Band.

Duart Castle at Duart Point, close to Craignure.Tours are available.

Weaving mill at Bunessan in S.W. of Mull.

Light aircraft near Salen on West coast.

Tobermory Whisky Distillery

Loch na Keal on eastern side of Mull

Boat graveyard near Salen on West side.

Eas Fors Waterfall near Ballygown on east of the island. (Fors means waterfall in Old Norse)

 Calgary Bay on N.W..tip of Mull

 Tobermory Waterfront


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