Woodstock, England

(Above image is a capture of Market Street, Woodstock,)
This afternoon I had occasion to visit the village of Woodstock which is located in Oxfordshire, England, about 65 miles N.W., of London.

The name means 'clearing in the woods' and probably dates back to Saxon times in the first millennium. Woodstock was first recorded in 1086, in the Domesday Book.Population today is 3100. I assume that Woodstock has historic connections with its namesake in New York State.

Various industrial activities have been undertaken in Woodstock in the past but today the chief, possibly only economic activity is that of tourism. This is attributable to: (a) Woodstock being conveniently located on the main tourist route from London to Warwick via Stratford upon Avon and (b) existence close to Woodstock of Blenheim Palace which was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and is a major tourist attraction in its own right.

Blenheim Palace
Today, I had about an hour or so to wander round the village and photograph the electric mix of architecture on display which would appear to date mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. There seem  little prospect of the locals suffering malnutrition as it appears that every other building is either a pub, inn (pub with rooms), hotel, restaurant or cafe.

Building with unusually wide windows. May have been used for glove making in the past.

 Town Hall
  Baptist Chapel

Victorian (19th century) house.

 Unusual house design
Punchbowl Pub

 Mobile fresh fish vendor

St Mary Magdalene Parish Church (Anglican).

Time pieces on Parish Church

Bear Hotel


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