The Highland village of Arisaig is located in the Lochaber region of West of Scotland,about 36 miles west of Fort William and 8 miles south of the ferry port Mallaig. The name translates as ‘Aros Bay’.

Key features of Arisaig:
  • The original ‘Long John Silver’ may have lived and/or worked in this region. Silver was employed on lighthouse construction by father of R.L. Stevenson. Latter was author of Treasure Island.
  • Benefits from good road and rail access, between Mallaig and Fort William.
  • Comprises a nice collection of, mainly, white-painted buildings. Here can be found lodgings, restaurants and shops.
  • Popular with pleasure boat enthusiasts (kayaking and  sailing). There is a functional pier and marina.
  • Home to the Land, Sea and Islands Centre which is family friendly with emphasis on Scottish books, local crafts, various displays and a splendid view over Arisaig Bay 
  • Faces the saltwater, Loch nan Ceall.
  • Garramore House was the training centre for special agents during WW2.
  • Location of a memorial to Czech and Slovak military casualties from WW2. In the local area Czech saboteurs were trained. Two of their number, Josef Gabcik and Jan Kubis, were parachuted into Czechoslavakia and assassinated Reichprotektor Reinhard Heydrich. The two assassins were subsequently cornered and killed by the Germans.
  • Situated at the southern tip of a magnificent five-mile stretch of rocky coastal inlets, silver sands, dunes and machair.
  • A few miles north, towards Mallaig, is Loch Morar, a freshwater loch (lake) which is the deepest body of freshwater in the British Isles. 

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