Clan Armstrong Sites

Clan Armstrong has a diaspora spread around the world some members of which desire to connect with sites traditionally associated with the Clan when in Scotland.

Below is a suggested itinerary which should work for visitors wishing to undertake a within-the- day trip from Edinburgh but should equally work for departures from Glasgow and other points in southern Scotland. Postcodes have been inserted to assist with planning and timing.

Outline Itinerary

·        Suggest first stop at Johnstons of Elgin, Mansfield Road, Hawick, TD9 8AA. This is a cashmere and fine woollens outlet which has no connection with Clan Armstrong but is well positioned for a bathroom and refreshments stop.

·        Next, pull in at Celtic Goldsmith at Johnnie Armstrong Gallery, Teviothead, TD9 0LF. Outlet on left hand side of road with pull in. This is a high end craft specialist which may or may not be open on the day. 
 ·       After departing the Celtic Goldsmith take second turn on right and then down a country lane for about half a mile. On left there is a pedestrian access (walkway) to the Carlenrig site where Johnnie Armstrong and followers were executed in 1530. A little further along on the left is a cemetery opposite the church. Go in here and embedded in the cemetery wall on the left is a memorial to John Armstrong of Gilnockie.

·        Next, go back to the main road and then to Gilnockie Tower at Canonbie, DG14 0XD. Look out for left turn along a country lane. The Tower is accessed via a farm track type road with parking at end. To arrange access make contact via the website ( in advance.

·        Next to Langholm. Suggest call in at Eskdale Hotel, DG13 0JH for lunch and to visit small Clan Armstrong exhibition at the hotel. Ask staff for directions on how to visit ruins of the local castle which has Armstrong connections. Access entails a walk through public park which may be wet underfoot.
  Ruins of Langholm Castle

·        Next to the village of Rowanburn  DG14 0RQ In centre of which is the sandstone sculpture of Lang Sandy Armstrong.

 ·       Next to Tourneyholm. This is just over the border between England and Scotland. Before passing over the bridge over the Liddel Water (river) stop and walk along track to right which can be muddy.

·       Next to Ettleton Cemetery and Milnholm Cross, south of Newcastleton. The stone cross is on the left side of the road approaching Newcastleton from the south. Just before the cross is a farm track type road which connects with the cemetery. Inside the cemetery, close to the entrance gate is a ‘wall’ of  ancient Armstrong burials.
      Ettleton Cemetery


      After exiting the cemetery, stop near the junction with the main road and look to the left where is situated the ancient Milnholm Cross together with an information board. There is a footpath to the Cross.

      Next to Mangerton Tower which only extends to the basic foundations. Aim for Riverview Holiday Park TD9 0TF which lies off a side road. Do not enter the park but keep it to the right and access a rough road along a former railway line. You will find one or two houses on the left where stop as this is a turning point. To reach the Tower walk further down the track for about 100 yards and look out  the site on the right with signage.

    The Mangerton visit concludes the tour.

     © Nigel P Cole/Catswhiskerstours Limited


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