Dundee, Scotland

(Above image is a capture of the RRS Discovery, a ship dating from 1901.)

Dundee is a city with population of 148,000 which is located about 64 miles north of Edinburgh on the east coast of Scotland where the River Tay (Scotland's longest river system) enters the North Sea.

Central Dundee

The name is very ancient and is comprised of dun (meaning hill or mound) and Deagh (a personal name linked to an old world for fire).

Dundee has a long history in heavy industry as manifested in shipping, ship building and jute mills. In Britain, Dundee is synonymous with manufacture of products derived from jute, a raw material imported from the Indian sub-continent and converted into such products as ropes, sacks, aprons, floor coverings and many other household items. At one  stage there were about 100 jute mills operating in Dundee all of which are now out of production, although there remains one restored mill, the Verdant Works, which is used for educational purposes and is open to visitors.

Inside Verdant Works Jute Mill.

Whilst retaining links with the maritime sector, as manifested in a busy port and the repair and maintenance of drilling rigs, Dundee has moved on and has developed specialisms in:

Semi-submersible drilling rigs

  • Design. Building on a 2015 UNESCO City of design award the new V&A Museum was opened in 2018 and represents the first design museum in Scotland. This museum is housed in a stunning new building on the city's waterfront.
V&A Dundee.
 Inside V&A
  • Design and development of video games a skill which is now supported by the local Abertay University where a dedicated department has been established for the study and teaching of such entertainment.
Dundee is also known for journalism, particularly comic strips, marmalade and the RRS Discovery, a traditional three-masted ship built in 1901 for exploration in the Antarctic and which is now a visitor attraction.

'Desperate Dan' comic strip character.

Other visitor attractions include the Dundee Science Centre, the McManus Art Gallery & Museum and an observatory located high above the city on Balgay Hill.

McManus Art Gallery & Museum

In addition to the specific attractions listed above, Dundee could prove a useful base for visiting:
  • St Andrews and the Fife Coast, to the south.
  • Glamis Castle, Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven and Aberdeen, to the north.
  • Dunkeld, Pitlochry and Loch Tay, to the west.
Dundee benefits from a wide range of hotels and other visitor accommodations.

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