Dumfries House, Cumnock, Scotland

Today, with a group of friends, I visited Dumfries House, about 50 mins directly south of Glasgow in S.W. Scotland.

This property has an intriguing history:
  • Completion occurred in 1760 to what the British call 'Georgian' style, i.e. Palladian.
  • Architect was the 26 year old, Robert Adam who is now recognized as one of the world's most original and celebrated architects and interior decorators.
  • A young Thomas Chippendale was commissioned to produce furniture as a consequence of which Dumfries House now possesses one of the world's finest collection of a craftsman who became one of the world's most famous furniture makers. It is believed that Dumfries House holds about 10pct of the entire surviving stock of Chippendale's work together with original invoices and correspondence.
  • In 2007, owner, the Marquess of Bute placed the vacant property on the market for sale. However, concerned that this unique property and contents would be broken up and lost forever, HRH Prince Charles arranged a fundraising consortium which proved successful and the property was saved for the nation.
The elaborate interior has been subject to extensive restoration whilst outside an arboretum has been planted and gardens reinvigorated. This now a stunning visitor attraction which employs about 200 people with emphasis on training for young people in the local community.

Unfortunately, photography of the richly endowed interior is not permitted.

Complete frontal elevation of Dumfries House

Flowering Shrubs

The Adam Bridge

Chinese Bridge

Woodland Shelter

Maturing Arboretum

Walled Garden

Bluebell Glade


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