Shetland Tour, Scotland Day 1

(Above image is a capture of Mousa Broch)

This morning we arrived Lerwick, Shetland, via overnight ferry from Aberdeen on mainland Scotland. We are now at a latitude of 60 degrees N which is just 1 degree south of Anchorage, Alaska.

Lerwick Harbour

Our key objective today was to visit the (approx.) 2000 year old broch on the island of Mousa off the east coast of Scotland. Brochs are unique, dry-stone circular buildings, along the lines of modern-day lighthouses, which are unique to Scotland. A broch is believed to be a high status residence, possibly of a local chieftain type person, his extended family and animals.Shetland has the remains of over 140 brochs whilst across the entire country there may have been about 500.

Landscape view of Mousa Broch

The Mousa broch is unique because it is virtually intact whereas the other structures suffered depredation through robbing of the material of which they were constructed.

Interior of Mousa Broch
The island of Mousa is now uninhabited, populated by sheep and is an official bird reserve.

We transferred to Mousa via regular ferry service and spent about 2 hrs 30 mins on the island. In addition to visiting the famous broch we circumnavigated the island on foot, encountering various birds and wildflowers en-route.



Seabirds- Cormorants

In addition to visiting the broch we had lunch at a small village called Hoswick where we encountered some friendly dogs and small shops selling craft products.

Friendly Collie at Hoswick

Sign in local dialect meaning 'don't throw your litter'.

 Coastal view

We are staying at Shetland's principal town of Lerwick.

 Tomorrow, we visit other interesting sites on Shetland.


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