Taymouth Castle, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Taymouth Castle, which is not a visitor attraction and  not normally open to the public. Location is central Scotland, within walking distance of Kenmore which was covered in yesterday's post.
Some key facts:
  • Built on the site of ancient Balloch Castle which was built in 1550 for Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy.
  • This branch of the Campbell Clan subsequently fell on hard times but the family fortunes were subsequently restored.
  • The current castle dates from 1842 when it was completed in time for the visit of Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort.
  • The family estates were broken up prior to WW1. The Castle then went through various changes of ownership and function including hotel, convalescent home, civil defence and a school.
  • After lying dormant for many years the building is now in private ownership.
    Here are images of aspects of the sumptuous interior.

     Presumably, a young Queen Victoria

    Presumably Prince Albert
     Heavily decorated ceiling
     Victoria and Albert initials


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