Aonach Mor Mountain Resort, Fort William, Scotland

(Above image is a capture of the Nevis Range in winter.)

This evening, I am focusing on a Scottish mountain named Aonach Mor which is located about ten miles N.E. of Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. This peak is part of the Grampian Mountains and the name translates into English as ‘big ridge’. Height is 1221 metres or 4006 feet and thus Aonach Mor ranks as a ‘Munro’ or one of the 282 mountains in Scotland exceeding 3000 feet. Aonach Mor also ranks as the eighth tallest peak in Britain.

Ski run in winter

 Mountain Gondola

Aonach Mor has a gondola cable car lift up its northern face to transport sporting participants and sightseers near to the summit where there are shops and refreshment facilities. In winter the mountain’s northern slopes, known as the Nevis Range, are popular with skiers and snowboarders whilst in summer downhill mountain bikers take over. To date, Aonach Mor has hosted eighteen Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup events over a 2.8km downhill course which is internationally renowned as one of the longest and toughest on the World Cup circuit.

Miountain Biker in action

View of Fort William from atop Aonach Mor

The Aonach Mor site is well resourced to cater for both active sporting participants and visitors who simply wish to experience the facility and views from the top. There is a public transport bus service to the site but most visitors travel there independently by car or other means.


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