Armadale Castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland

(Above image is a capture of Armadale Castle.)
This evening, I am reporting on Armadale Castle on the Isle of Skye, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.
Armadale is located on the S.E. tip of Skye and is a berthing point for the ferry which operates between Armadale and Mallaig on the mainland.

The name 'Armadale' probably has Old Norse origins.

This former power base was at the heart of Clan Donald with an association dating back to the 15th century. A summary chronology is provided below:
  • From 1650s MacDonald chiefs began to reside at Armadale on southern Skye.
  • In 1790 a mansion was built.
  • In 1815 a Scottish Baronial style mock castle was built next to the main house. Designer was James Gillespie Graham.
  • In 1855 the building was partly destroyed by fire. The damaged section was replaced by a central wing designed by David Bryce.
  • In 1925 the MacDonalds abandoned the building subsequent to which the building has fallen into a somewhat attractive, sculptured ruin which provides a photogenic backdrop for weddings.
 The remaining Somerled Rooms are used for conferences and weddings.

Nearby woodlands in Spring

Close by can be found:
  • The Clan Donald Visitor Centre with exhibitions illustrating the fascinating history of Skye and Lords of the Isles.
  • Restaurant and bookshop.
  • Museum, library and archives with latter being of particular interest for ancestry research.
  • Extensive and well maintained gardens with woodland.
There is much to experience at this location, particularly for visitors wishing to connect with Clan MacDonald and associates such as Clan Currie.


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