Greenknowe Tower, Scottish Borders.

This evening, I am posting information on Greenknowe Tower, an abandoned structure located  close to the A6105, about forty-four miles S.E. of Edinburgh near the village of Gordon and town of Kelso in the Scottish Borders region.

The 'knowe' part of the name means hillock, knoll or protuberance, hence 'Greenknowe' translates as ''Greenhill' in standard English.

Greenknowe is a good example of a 16th century Tower House, a high status defendable residence occupied by a Scottish Laird.

This property was probably built for James Seton and his wife Jane Edmonstone in 1581. The couple’s coat of arms can be found on the lintel over the entrance.

Inside, the Laird’s Hall occupied the first floor with kitchen and cellars below and bedrooms above.
Remains of a courtyard can be found to left of the Tower.


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