Hike Firth of Forth, Scotland

(Above image is a capture of a trail through the woods.)

This evening, I am posting a record of today's small group hike along the north shore of the Firth of Forth (bay/estuary) in western Scotland. Distance covered was about 7 miles. As will be evident from the images herein, the weather conditions were wet, overcast and dull. Nevertheless, the group encountered a wide variety of scenery, flora and landscapes culminating at Culross, a heritage site which has gained popularity through featuring in the Outlander series.

Happy hikers near start of walk.

Interesting aquatic flowers


Lush, green landscape. Note rhododendron on left which is a non-native, invasive shrub.

Aquatic landscape with a pair of swans

Broom in flower

Landscape view with Scotland's only oil refinery in distance.

Tidal inlet

Firth of Forth (view south)

Summer flowers at Culross

Culross Palace

Following a period of decline many of the >400 year old buildings at Culross have been restored and refurbished by the National Trust for Scotland, a heritage organisation. The houses are *white-harled with red-tiled roofs and line cobbled streets. The 'palace' is ochre-coloured adjacent to which is a magnificent period garden. (* Lime harling is a thrown, or cast-on, finish consisting of a slaked lime and coarse aggregate mortar, and it usually has a rough-textured surface. This forms a weather-proof shield, to protect the walls from Scotland's climate.



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