Hike River Thames Path, England

(Above image is a capture of the River Thames near Goring-on-Thames.)

Today, with temperature around 30 C/ 86 C (very hot for England) we embarked on a relatively modest hike tracking the River Thames from Moulsford to Goring-on-Thames and back. This was a leisurely trip so we took our time, taking in the sites and availing of refreshment.

Swimmer in River Thames

In course of the hike we encountered:
  • Yacht sailing on the river.
  • Two ancient parish churches ( Church of England/Episcopalian) in close proximity to each other.
  • Interesting architecture.
  • River scenery.
  • Locks and a weir.
  • Wildflowers
  • Swimmers in the river.
  • Wildlife in form of waterbirds such as ducks, geese and swans.

 Yachting near Goring

St Mary's Parish Church, Streatley. Church dates from 13th century but on site of an earlier Anglo-Saxon church, maybe around 8th century AD. Originally Catholic but protestant since around 1530. Reformation around 1530. Restored in 19th century.

St. Thomas of Canterbury Parish Church, Goring. Built in Romanesque style and probably dates from 11th century AD. Originally Catholic but protestant since Reformation around 1530.

 River Thames scene

 John Barleycorn Pub, Goring

 High Street, Goring

 Vine fronted house at Goring

 Weir at Goring-on-Thames

 River Thames scene

 Thistles in bloom


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