Invermoriston, Scottish Highlands

(Above imge is a capture of the falls at Invermoriston.)

This evening, I am focusing on Invermoriston, a village (dating back to about 1600) which is located near the southern end of Loch Ness, about 29 miles from Inverness.

Inver is a word of Gaelic origin which means 'mouth of the river'; in this case where the River Moriston empties into Loch Ness.

Invermoriston is situated in the Great Glen (Great Valley), just at the turn off to Isle of Skye at junction of A82  and A887. The village is popular with tourists and also attracts the foot traffic of people who travel the Great Glen Way, an 80 mile long hiking trail.

The two key attractions here for tourists are:
  • The River Moriston and associated falls. The old’*Telford Bridge’ (1813) provides a romantic setting on the River Moriston whilst the falls are best viewed from an old summer-house just down river from the present bridge. (*Thomas Telford (1757-1834) was an engineer/architect who produced a prodigious work output including the Caledonian Canal plus numerous churches and other bridges and an aqueduct.)
 Telford Bridge
  • Photogenic Highland Cows which can usually be found in a field adjacent to the car park.


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