The Pineapple, Dunmnore, Scotland

Pineapple, Dunmore, Scotland.

This evening, I am providing information on a unique piece of Scottish architecture as manifested in the Pineapple near Dunmore, about thirty-one miles N.W. of Edinburgh.

Summary information as follows:
  • Original, single-storey summer-house built by the 4th Earl of Dunmore in 1761.This was connected with an extensive walled garden on south facing slopes.
  • The Pineapple structure was added after 1777 on return of Lord Dunmore as Governor of Virginia. Probably inspired by practice of American sailors placing pineapples on gateposts to indicate return home.
  • Benefits from high quality craftsmanship.
  • Can be rented as a holiday home/vacation rental.
  • Owned by Scotland’s National Trust but leased to the Landmark Trust.
  • Can be accessed (exterior) via walking trails.
Entrance Porch, Pineapple, Dunmore, Scotland.

  View of Pineapple pavilion from lake.

  South facing elevation of Pineapple, Dunmore, Scotland.


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