Sorbie Tower and Clan Hannay, Scotland

Tour group visitors with Convenor at Sorbie Tower
This afternoon, I am posting information on Sorbie Tower which is located near Wigtown, about three hours drive south of Glasgow.

The tower is connected with Clan Hannay through a family of that name which was prominent in the Galloway region since the 13th century.The Hannays of Kirkdale had their seat between Creetown and Gatehouse of Fleet from 1786 and Sorbie Tower.The Tower is in process of restoration by the Hannay Society with ultimate objective of re-roofing the building and making it habitable.

Nearby is an early medieval motte on which stood a defensive structure built of wood.

The tower probably dates from the 16th century and was not built as a single project.

The name Sorbie reflects settlement by the Vikings in the first millennium. It derives from the Old Norse saur byr which translates as 'muddy farm'.

Here is an image of the Lesser Periwinkle which is the official badge of Clan Hannay.

Lesser Periwinkle at Sorbie Tower

Coat of Arms at Sorbie Tower, Scotland

Ramsay Hannay memorial at Sorbie Tower, Scotland

Architectural detail at Sorbie Tower, Scotland
Video clip of the interior of Sorbie Tower.

Sorbie Tower, Scotland

Medieval Motte near Sorbie Tower, Scotland


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