Drygate Craft Brewery in central Glasgow: modern brewing on an ancient site.

This evening, I am reporting on Drygate Craft Brewery which is located within the shadow of Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland and next door to the massive Tennent’s lager brewery.

The location has a long history of brewing going back to medieval times influenced by availability of water from the Molendinar Burn (stream) and other sources.

The key ingredients of beer manufacture are hops, yeast, barley and water. The brewing process is very similar to the early stages of whisky making, entailing malting and mashing through to fermentation and maturation.  Hops are mainly sourced from New Zealand and California plus Kent (England), occasionally.

 Drygate’s four main products are::
  • Seven Peaks
  • Bear Face Lager
  • Gladeye IPA
  • Mango Pale Ale.
Alcohol content of the above (by volume) ranges between 4.4pct and 5.5 pct.

Integrated with the brewery is a shop selling a wide range of craft beers and a popular restaurant.
A worthwhile experience!

Mash Tun

Beer samples



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