Rest and be Thankful, a popular landscape view in West of Scotland

This evening, I am posting information, plus a range of images taken throughout the seasons, on the popular 'Rest and Be Thankful' viewpoint in Argyll, West of Scotland.

Location is at junction of two roads, the A83 and B828, about 45 miles N.W. of Glasgow, between Loch Lomond and Loch Fyne.Travellers usually encounter this site en-route from Glasgow to Inveraray and the West of Scotland.

The viewpoint overlooks Glen Croe and is at a height of 803 feet above sea level.

Image taken in mid-winter 

In the image below can be seen two roads which run in parallel. The ‘high road’ is the modern A83 whilst the ‘low road’ is a former military road built in 1753 by the British military, being part of an extensive road network to control and police the Highlands following a series of Jacobite uprisings. It was the military engineers who named the site because it was a place to rest and reflect after a long, uphill march.

The original military engineers would be well pleased with their work because their road has proved very durable and been brought back into use as a back-up, due to persistent landslides blocking the more recent A83.

Glen Croe


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