A wet morning in Glasgow: Natural, sporting and prehistoric images from Rouken Glen

(Above image is a capture of an interesting fungi formation growing on a tree.)

The weather this morning was the exact opposite of the sunny conditions experienced yesterday, being characterised by heavy rain with thunder in the distance.

Notwithstanding the adverse conditions, I still ventured out as I find walking in heavy rain invigorating with the light conditions providing interesting dimensions for photography.

Notwithstanding that my array of waterproofs proved virtually useless, I returned home very wet but satisfied with results of my morning excursion.

Determined golfers braving the heavy rain.

This apparently innocuous depression in a rock is actually a 'cup mark' made by our distant ancestors around 5000 years ago. Scotland is well endowed with hundreds of 'cup and ring' marks dating from the Neolithic period the purpose of which is not known. The existence of this carving does indicate that man has occupied the Glasgow region of west of Scotland for a very long time.

Another vibrant cluster of fungi.

Waterfall in full spate at Rouken Glen Park.


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