Exploring Italy's Sorrento Peninsula on foot

(Above image captures the bay for swimming immediately below historic villa.)

Today was the final full day of our holiday on Italy's Amalfi Coast. The weather very amenable being a cloudless sky and temperature around 28C/80F.

We took the opportunity to avail of a low key, quiet walk along the coast near Sorrento following a narrow walled lane through fields and live groves to the ruins of the Baths of Queen Giovanna and the remains of a Roman Villa.

Aspect of historic villa

Apart from the archaeological importance, the place is charming, since the villa was built around a small bay that is completely surrounded by rock, with the sea entering through a natural opening.
The name “Bagni della Regina Giovanna” dates back to the popular tradition according to which Giovanna II of Durazzo ( 1373-1435) Queen of Naples, would entertain her lovers here in the waters of the beautiful natural swimming pool.The complex was designed to provide optimum luxury.
 Interior of villa ruins

Close to the villa are good facilities for swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and coastal coves, albeit from small stony beaches.
Sea Kayakers

Olive Grove

 Ripening olives

We availed of lunch at a restaurant perched on the coast edge.
View from restaurant


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