Gorbals Boys, public art in Glasgow, Scotland

Gorbals Boys Public Art, Gorbals, Glasgow
This evening, I am posting information on a social-themed public sculpture in the Gorbals district of Glasgow, Scotland.

The Gorbals is located close to the south bank of the River Clyde and is within walking distance of central Glasgow. Historically, the Gorbals was associated with high levels of social deprivation but has been transformed in recent years, predominantly via construction of vastly improved housing and other amenities.

The sculpture shown here was unveiled in 2008. It is the work of artist, Liz Peden at cost of GBP40,000. The scene is copied from an iconic photograph taken in the Gorbals by photographer, Oscar Marzaroli in 1963.

The work sits at the corner of Cumberland Street and Queen Elizabeth Gardens and is accessible to all.

Gorbals Boys Public Art, Gorbals, Glasgow

Gorbals Boys Public Art, Gorbals, Glasgow 
                                         Visitors viewing the art work


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