Castle of Light: Edinburgh Castle transformed by stunning light and sound display

                                             (Above image is a capture of Crown Square.)

Yesterday, we travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, to witness a spectacular light display at Edinburgh Castle.

The Castle sits atop an ancient volcano and probably ranks as Scotland's top visitor attraction (by numbers). The weather was dry and mild which aided our enjoyment the experience.

The dynamic light and sound experience drew extensively from Scotland's long history supplemented by Disneyesque type animations for kids.

Below and to the north of the castle are Princes Street Gardens, a public area which was populated by a wide range of seasonal, fairground type entertainments the illuminations of which added an extra dimension to the castle experience.

Castle Entrance

Crown Square

St Mararet's Chapel, the oldest building in the castle complex.

Representation of poet/author Sir Walter Scott.

Castle Entrance


Dancing with fire

Dancing with lights

Princes Street Gardens

Video clip of display at Crown Square


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