Crookston Castle, ultimately dates from 12th century and one of the few castles within range of Glasgow.

This evening, I am reporting on Crookston Castle, a medieval edifice which now sits, somewhat incongruously, in a medium-density residential housing area in the Pollok area of S.W. Glasgow in S.W. Scotland, close to the Levern Water (river).

                                   (Above image is a capture of Crookston Castle in winter.)

A summary chronology of this castle is as follows:
  • Around 1190 a wooden Motte and Bailey structure surrounded by a dry moat was built by a Norman named Robert de Croc whose surname was corrupted to Crookston .
  • Transformed in 14th century from wood to stone by Sir John Stewart with funds raised by ransoms obtained from a successful military adventure in France.
  • Subjected to a siege in 1489 by King James IV in context of a dispute with the holder, Earl of Lennox. Siege lasted one day.
  • Subjected to another siege in 1544 when Regent Arran successfully sought and obtained surrender from the troublesome Lennoxes.
  • In hands of Darnley’s by 1565 when home of Henry, Lord Darnley who married Mary, Queen of Scots in July 1565.
  • After Darnley’s assassination  in 1567 the castle passed down minor lines of the Stewart clan but was a ruin by the 18th century.
  • First property acquired by heritage organisation, National Trust for Scotland in 1931.
  • Now managed by Historic Environment Scotland. Open all year round.

Hikers approaching Crookston Castle

Bird’s-eye view from top of Crookston Castle, Glasgow

View from top of Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Room with fireplace at Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Thick stone interior walls at Crookston Castle

Anti-Clockwise stairs at Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Great Fireplace inside Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Barrel-Vaulted interior of Crookston Castle

12th century earthworks, Crookston Castle, Glasgow


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