Foulis Castle, the seat of Clan Munro in the Scottish Highlands

Clan Munrto Gathering

This evening, I am posting information on Foulis Castle, the seat of Clan Munro, which is located about nineteen miles NW of Inverness in the Western Highlands.

The Munros have been in control of this site since the 14th century and possibly earlier.
Originally, there was a medieval, military structure but this was destroyed by fire in the mid 17th century. At this time the countryside was becoming more settled and peaceful and hence the previous castle was replaced by a mansion with a facade showing influences of Adam type architecture. This is dated 1777 whilst the interior courtyard dates from 1754. The present building does incorporate some remnants of the previous castle thus providing continuity over the centuries.

Foulis has restricted visiting times, extending to just one tour per week with all visits subject to  prior appointment.There is also holiday accommodation available for rent at the castle.

Foulis Castle

Foulis Castle Courtyard with domestic buildings which include coach houses, laundry, bakehouse, stables and well. Note also the semi-octagonal tower.

Foulis Castle


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