Clydeside, a new whisky distillery in central Glasgow, Scotland

View of River Clyde from Still Room at Clydeside Distillery.

This evening, I am posting information on Clydeside Distillery which is situated on the North bank of the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland between the Riverside Museum and the Hydro music venue.

The Distillery commenced production of spirit in November 2017 consequent on which it will be late 2020 before the first distilled spirit can be technically classified as whisky owing to requirement for minimum three years maturing in an oak cask.

Clydeside is the first new whisky distillery in Glasgow for over 100 years and provides an interesting link with Glasgow’s shipping industry past in that the Distillery has been housed in a former pump house which operated the swing bridge entrance to the now defunct Queen’s Dock.

The distillery cost GBP10.0m to build and has production capacity of 500, 000 litres per annum.
The new facilities include a shop selling a wide range of Scottish single malts, cafe, tasting room and space for events.

At Clydeside,tours are available which guide guests through the whisky making process from malting and mashing through fermentation and distillation.This culminates in a tasting of three single malts, one each from the Highlands, Islay and Lowlands. Clydeside malt will fall into the latter category when ready..

Single malts for tasting at Clydeside Distillery
Single malts for sale at Clydeside Distillery, Glasgow
Fermentation in process at Clydeside Distillery
Mash Tun and Wash Backs at Clydeside Distillery
Whisky Stills at Clydeside Distillery
View of River Clyde and Riverside Museum from Clydeside Distillery
Clydeside Distillery, Glasgow
Exterior view of Still House at Clydeside Distillery


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