Close up images and a video of the seal colony at Dunvegan, Skye, Scotland

Common Seal at Loch Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

This evening, I am focusing on one of the best seal watching trips in Scotland, namely the regular boat trips operated from the grounds of Dunvegan Castle on Isle of Skye during the summer season.

Common Seal at Loch Dunvegan

Although seals tend to lead a solitary life, groups do form on rocky shores for the purposes of basking, mating and moulting. The bay at Dunvegan offers ideal facilities for the seals with added bonus of protection from a key predator, the Orca Whale.

Colony of Common Seals at Dunvegan

At Dunvegan, Common Seals (phoca Vitulina) are the dominant species with occasional visits by Atlantic Greys (halichoerus grypus).

Seal with pup at Loch Dunvegan.

Video clip of the Dunvegan seal colony.

Visitors may wish to avail of the small boat trips to visit the seal colony in context of a tour of the Isle of Skye, an experience which offers close-up photo opportunities.


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