Newgrange, an outstanding prehistoric site in Ireland

Newgrange Prehistoric Site, Ireland

This evening, I am posting information on Newgrange, one of the most significant prehistoric sites in the British Isles.

Summary information as follows:
  • Located on high point of ridge, 1 km north of River Boyne and 50 km north of Dublin.
  • An important passage grave in a prehistoric cemetery.(The tomb is entered via a long, low passage.)
  • Dates from around 3200 BC.
  • Surrounded by an incomplete ring of (12) standing stones which may post date the tomb. This ring is neither circular nor concentric to the tomb and is classified as an ovoid.The ring is 103.6m in average diameter.
  • Inside the tomb is a passage and chamber both constructed of large stone slabs without mortar..
  • At the winter equinox on December 21st the rising sun shines through a gap in the floor and into the tomb chamber.
  • Newgrange was excavated during 1962-1975 and partly reconstructed.
  • At the site can be found numerous examples of prehistoric stone carvings which are classified by some as ‘rock art’. Designs are similar to others from the prehistoric era found elsewhere in Ireland and mainland U.K.
  • Access is via a Visitor Centre about 4km from Slane.
Video clip of Newgrange prehistoric site

'Roofbox' Entrance

Visitors at Newgrange prehistoric site, Ireland

Prehistoric ‘Rock Art’ at Newgrange, Ireland

Prehistoric ‘Rock Art’ at Newgrange, Ireland

Prehistoric ‘Rock Art’ at Newgrange, Ireland

Video clip of ‘rock art’ at Newgrange


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