Storm, Ciara hits U.K. and Ireland

                                                    Above image is a capture of Glasgow from south

Today, Scotland, in  common with other parts of the U.K., has experienced high winds and heavy rain leading to:
  • Extensive travel disruption.
  • Some flooding.
  • Electricity outages.137,000 people lost power overnight.
  • Cancelled flights.
  • Cancelled sporting events.
There is a report of one wind gust in S.E. England reaching over 90 mph.

Storm clouds over Glasgow

The storm was flagged well in advance as a consequnce of which I took off this morning to an elevated vantage point in south Glasgow in order to capture images and videos of the conditions. As it happens the weather was not quite as violent as I had expected but, nevertheless, the storm did produce some interesting light conditions whilst the winds can be heard on the video clips.

Glasgow during Storm Ciara


Glasgow during Storm Ciara


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