Castle Howard: A grand mansion in northern England.

Castle Howard, is about sixteen miles N.E. of the city of York in northern England.This name is actually a misnomer because, although built on site of a former military castle, the building was never designed for military or defensive purposes. Today, Castle Howard ranks as one of Britain’s finest historic houses.


Summary information on Castle Howard as follows:
  • Building commenced in 1699 but completion was not achieved until 1811.
  • Built by Sir John Vanbrugh (1664-1760) who also designed a similar masterpiece, Blenheim Palace.
  • Remains under long-standing ownership of the family associated with the Earls of Carlisle (Howard family). The Howards still reside at the property.
  • Inside can be found dramatic designs and collections of furniture, paintings and other items.The building  is surrounded by 1000 acres of parkland comprising rolling hills and unexpected monuments and statues, many with a classical theme.
  • Castle Howard is, perhaps, best known as the setting for two versions of Brideshead Revisited, in 1981 and 2008.
  • A Baroque structure with two symmetrical wings.
  • Suffered extensive fire damage in 1940, which was not war related.
  • Close to the Castle are immaculately maintained specialist gardens.

Interior Room


Great Hall

Lady Georgiana’s Bedroom

Chapel inside main building

Temple of Four Winds in landscape

Castle Howard

Aquatic Scene.

Video clip


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