Hike through the scenic Ceirog Valley in North Wales

Patriotic House at Llanarmon, Wales
Patriotic House at Llanarmon, Wales

Today, I am repeating the gist of post from a few years ago covering a four mile hike on a route covering sketchy paths and farm tracks reaching a height of 853 feet.

The Ceiriog Valley is in N.E. Wales. Here, the river Ceiriog meanders for 18 miles through oak woods, rocky hillsides and fertile farming land.

Hike started and finished at the village of Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog which is home to an excellent inn called The Hand, where we availed of a post hike meal.

In course of the hike we encountered flocks of sheep (many), cattle, horses, a shooting party (game birds), fungi, a former flour mill, numerous streams and pheasants.

Overall, a rewarding trip offering superb photo opportunities.

Notes on the Welsh language:  Many people, particularly from overseas, may struggle with pronunciation of Welsh names and words. Welsh is a Brittonic language which is not connected to English. Prior to mass migrations to what is now mainland U.K. from Germany, Holland, Scandinavia and Ireland in the second half of the first millennium, Welsh was probably the principal language spoken in what is now England, Scotland and Wales. Glasgow, Scotland, from where I am writing this, is actually a Welsh/Brittonic name meaning 'Green Hollow'. The terms Wales/Welsh are actually derived from the Anglo-Saxon (English) word for foreigner, i.e. foreigners in their own country! The surname Wallace means Welsh/foreigner.

Video clip of Ceiriog Valley

Llanarmon, Ceiriog Valley, Wales
Llanarmon, Ceiriog Valley
Ceiriog Valley, Wales
Ceiriog Valley
Hiker on narrow farm trail.
Hiker on narrow farm trail.

Llanarmon Dyffryn, Ceiriog, Wales
Llanarmon Dyffryn, Ceiriog

Farming landscape, Ceiriog Valley, Wales.
Farming landscape, Ceiriog Valley

St Garmon's Church, Llanarmon, Wales.
St Garmon’s Church, Llanarmon
The Hand Inn at Llanarmon, Wales
The Hand Inn at Llanarmon


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