Lincoln Cathedral: A stunning piece of architecture with a 1000 year history

Lincoln Cathedral, England

This evening, I am focusing on Lincoln Cathedral, a stunning building with a history dating back nearly 1000 years.

 Lincoln is city (pop 756,000 ) which lies about 150 miles directly north of London.

The Cathedral interior is a wonder to behold, featuring medieval stained glass, a vast nave, medieval stone carvings, tombs and chapels for remembering the dead, peaceful crypt and a Chapter House with special acoustics. As mentioned below, this building has experienced many structural issues and fire damage over the years.

Nave of Lincoln Cathedral, England

Here is a summary history of the Cathedral:
  • Construction commenced 1072 on orders of William the Conqueror. Bishop Remigus supervised the work which took twenty years.
  • Norman cathedral opens for worship in 1092.
  • In 1141 a fire  destroys the roof.
  • In 1185 an earthquake caused severe damage resulting in demolition of the old Norman Cathedral.
  • A new, Gothic style Cathedral was commenced 1192 under Bishop Hugh.
  • In 1237 the Central Tower collapses and is rebuilt.
  • Parliament meets in the Chapter House in 1301.
  • In 1311 the central tower is made smaller.
  • In 1330 the Bishop’s Eye window is fitted.
  • Between 1370 and 1400 the western towers are made smaller.
  • The central spire blows down in 1548.
  • Damage by Parliamentarian soldiers in 1644.
  • New library designed by Sir Christopher Wren.
  • Spires removed from the western towers in 1807.
  • Great Tom (main bell) lifted into clock tower in 1835.
  • Organ installed in 1898.
  • Service chapels dedicated 1946, after WW2.

Eastern Elevation of Lincoln Cathedral
Eastern elevation

Carved Entrance Door at Lincoln Cathedral
Carved Entrance Door

Transept with Bishop's Eye Window
Transept with Bishop’s Eye Window

St. Hugh's Choir and Cathedral Organ
St. Hugh’s Choir and Cathedral Organ


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