Raby Castle: A huge English fortress from the 14th century

Raby Castle, County Durham, England

This evening, I am focusing on Raby Castle in N.E.England, about 20 miles (32 km) S.W. of the city of Durham.

The castle was commenced in the 11th century but the substance of the current building dates from the late 14th century under ownership of John Neville of the powerful Neville family. However, the Neville’s were forced to surrender Raby due their participation in a failed rebellion in 1569. From 1626 onwards the castle has been in the Vane family.

Entrance gate

Raby Castle stands in a 200 acre deer park. As is evident from the images accompanying this post, the castle comprises a powerful combination of towers and fortifications. Inside is a magnificent Barons’  Hall plus Medieval, Regency and Victorian interiors. Here can be found art, textiles and furniture from England and Europe. Outside, visitors can admire the 18th century ornamental walled gardens.

Deer at Raby Castle

Video clip of castle and grounds

Clearly a visitor attraction of substance with connections to nearly a millennia of English history.


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