Trip to Newcastle-upon-Tyne

View of east coast village with North Sea

This morning, I undertook a rail trip from Glasgow, Scotland to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England for purpose of commencing (tomorrow) my six day hike along the line of the 1900 year old, Hadrian's Wall.

The journey down worked fine with covid compliant rail cars near empty. Weather was a complete reversal of the wet and windy weather of late with brilliant sunshine and blue skies.These conditions made for good photography.
Estuary of River Tweed

Information on the city of Newcastle can be found here.

The following images relate to Newcastle and/or Gatsehead both of which sit on opposite banks of the River Tyne.

River Tyne looking east with Newcastle on left and Gateshead on right.

This is the 'new castle' after which Newcastle is named.It has origins dating back to 1080 and was built on the site of a 2nd century AD fort built by the Romans.

The former Baltic Flour Mill at Gateshead, now a centre for contemporary art.

Riverside view from Newcastle

One for my American followers: A left hand drive Ford Mustang (1960s vintage?)

View of the Sage, a music, education and conference facility in Gateshead.

Look forward to tomoorow, when my hike starts in earnest.


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