Artefacts from ancient Egypt

Having just spent six days connecting with the world of ancient Rome via a hike along the 2nd century AD, Hadrian's Wall I am now presenting a portfolio of images from a much older period, namely ancient Egyptian and Sudanese artefacts which can be found at the Petrie Museum in the Bloomsbury district of West London. The Petrie collection extends to abnout 80,000 items.

Fish, flowers and natural world from Amarna

The exhibits span the Paleolithic (2.4m- 15000 years ago) to the Roman period but with emphasis on ancient Egypt from around 3100 BC to the 1st century AD.

Fortunately, the Museum permits photography but the images presented here are slightly distorted as a function of the glass cabinets through which the items have been photographed.

Foundation of Temple. Tuthmosis III

Mortuary temple of Amenophis

Painted wooden stela, Neskhons, 965 BC

Osiris, possibly 26th dynasty.

Bead collar from first intermediate period

Gilded Mummy Cartonnage from 1st c AD

Falence ankh from 5th century BC

Pot burial from c 4000 BC

Strings of beads

From Pyramid of Popy

Tarkham dress from 3000 BC

Dancing girl cosmetic spoon, 18th dynasty

Bead net dress from 2400 BC. This has a 1920s feel to it.

Replica rat trap

Shabits-grave goods

Woman’s portrait on wood from Roman period

Paleolithic hand axes

Lintel, 19th dynasty


In 2009 my wife and I joined a Nile river cruise, calling at many of the famous sites (e.g. Temple of Luxor) which helps to put the Petrie collection in context.


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