Hike along Hadrian's Wall-Day 6


Today was the final day of my hike along the main section of Hadrian's Wall. I walked from Walton to Carlisle which took about six hours.

Weather was dry and sunny with some clouds. I found myself somewhat dehydrated at the end but soon remedied that.

I encountered absolutely no physical (masonry) remains of the Wall but, for the first half of the leg the line of the Wall and associated vallum were visible. Evidence of the Wall progressively disappeared as I approached Carlisle.

    Line of the Wall and vallum

This stretch of the hike was easy going to extent the terrain was mainly, passing through pleasant landscapes and farming country. As before, I encountered many fields of sheep and cattle.

Farming landscape
Sheep of the day

In addition to the sights mentioned above, I also cxame across, a waterfall, wildflowers, butterflies, green lanes, a quaint cottage, ripe blackberries, the River Eden and locals enjoying themselves in and by the river.


Greeen Lane

Quaint cottage with chicken

Stretch of River Eden

Locals having fun on the River Eden

I overnight in Carlisle tonight then return to Glasgow tomorrow.


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