Halloween at Battlefield, Glasgow, Scotland

This afteroon, prompted by reports in the media, I went off to the nearby Battlefield district of Glasgow to inspect a wide range of domestic window displays linked to the upcoming 'celebration' of Halloween on October 31st.

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The portfolio of images an be seen below. 

Here is some background information:

  • Battlefield is so named because here took place in 1568 the Battle of Langside at which Scotland's famous Queen, Mary Queen of Scots, suffered a major defeat which forced her to flee to England where she was eventually executed in 1587. Now a high density urban area, Battlefield was an open farming landscape at time of the battle.
  • Readers will observe that virtually all the properties photographed are constructed of sandstone. This is a local resource dating from the Permian Period (250m-290m years ago) when the west of Scotland was somewhere near the location of the Sahara Desert today and experienced desert conditions for a prolonged poeriod resulting in accumulations of sandstone.
  • Most of the housing comprising tenements. However, this type of housing is quite respectable and comfortable and not to be confused with slums in other parts of the world.

One of the displays features a joke: What type of coffee do vampires drink? Answer: De-coffin-ated. (groan). 


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