Hike through Pollok Park, Glasgow


Riparian scene

Today, we experienced wintry weather in Glasgow. Overnight, in common with rest of the U.K., we had felt the force of Storm Bella which had blown in from the Atlantic depositing huge amounts of rain coupled with strong winds.Our experience of the storm was more muted than parts of England which suffered wind speeds of up to 100 mph and extensive flooding 

By late morning the storm had passed leaving negligible wind and bright skies. These conditions allied with Covid inspired restrictions on travel inspired my wife and myself to embark on a six mile round trip hike taking in a local country park named Pollok Park through which flows the White Cart Water (river). 

The hike presented good opportunities for photography, as illustrated in this post.

Here is a Robin, a species very friendly towards humans.Backdrop is not ice or snow but effects of the rain reflecting in sunlight.

  A green, swampy feel on the banks of the White Cart

 Impressive steps in the garden of Pollok House

 Weir in the White Cart. This was part of an early hydro-electric scheme prior to introduction of a nationwide electricity grid.

Golfers practising on a saturated fairway.

Navigating a muddy trail through the park

Another riparian scene featuring the White Cart

After leaving the park we encountered this food bank. The covid epidemic has placed extra demands on these outlets of which there are many in Glasgow. The number of claimants for Universal Credit (a basic welfare support package) has nearly doubled to nearly 5.7m, (about 8.5pct of the population) across the U.K. this year..

Looking ahead, more wintry conditions can be expected with snow accumulation above 450ft for western areas.


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