Photo themed landscape hike (Scotland) in snowy conditions

 Image of Glasgow conurbation with Kilpatrick Hills in background. 

Insofar as landscape photography is concerned the weather conditions today were ideal. Overnight there had occurred a 'dusting' of snow which, augmented by clear blue skies, negligible wind, temperature around freezing and no precipitation proved exceedingly favourable.

By chance my wife and I had pre-booked a small group walking tour which took a route through hilly terrain S.E.of Glasgow which provided superb views over the Glasgow conurbation and Kilpatrick Hills to the north.

As will be evident from the portfolio of images below, we encountered a wide range of sites and sights including waterfalls, highland cows, prehistoric rock art, sheep and a wind farm.

Here is a video clip taken from an elevation of 600- feet looking north towards Glasgow and the Kilpatrick Hills,

 Here is gorse in flower. This is an extremely prickly bush which does lighten up the landscape in winter and spring with a display of bright, yellow flowers.

Here is a waterfall in the Killoch Burn (stream).

Hiking through the snowy landscape

This is an example of prehistoric 'rock art' lying in the trail.Unfortunately, the swirl designs have been partly obscured by frozen snow but key features are evident in the right hand side of the image.These carvings are impossible to date but are usually associated with the Neolithic period of about 5000 years ago.

Another waterfall in the Killoch Burn

Sheep in pastures below the snow line. The sheep population in Scotland exceeds that of the human population.

Former cotton mill since converted to other uses.

Meeting with a cyclist

Highland cows in natural element.

Edge of Whitelee Windfarm, the second largest in Europe.

Glasgow conurbation with snow covered Kilpatrick Hills in distance.


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